Shorter Excerpts (From A Work In Progress)

Procrastination Meets Bold Moves October

I put it off, and put it off, and put it off some more. But when you still miss your ex even after you’ve been apart longer than you were ever actually dating, and, more¬†importantly¬† the main reasons you split up have changed, you have to finally tell her, right?

Well, it took me until the 25 of October, but I finally made that move. How she’ll respond I don’t know.

But I feel good about it. Best case? I get back together with a woman who I was in my best and healthiest relationship ever, with even more potential for a future together.

If I get the Taylor Swift single treatment? I won’t go out this weekend and make no moves on anyone because I was secretly hoping to get back together with my ex-.¬†

  1. youtastelikenachos said: That is a bold move. Good luck to you sir.
  2. ladyofthehouse said: fingers crossed for you. honesty is always bold. :-)
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