Shorter Excerpts (From A Work In Progress)

“According to IO’s most recent report, Kasich took a raise of more than $10,000 over the last governor’s salary, bringing his pay to $148,165. And exempted the salary from the SB 5 provision that cuts automatic annual raises for other public employees. And lied about how much he pays his staff, whose senior members make $110,000. Also unaffected by the recent massive budget cuts is the Ohio General Assembly’s minimum salary of $60K—for a part-time job in a state where the average worker makes $40K. Of course, 62 of the 70 legislators who voted for SB 5 make more than that minimum. Those 62 receive annual bonuses up to $34k.”

Ohio Governor Gets a Raise While Slashing Public Services | Mother Jones

Ohio’s Governor really wants that “Biggest Asshole Governor in the US” title, doesn’t he?

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